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Corner Balancing

Take Turns Better with Corner Balancing

Road racing requires a lot of prep. One often overlooked service is corner balancing. If you've gone through the trouble of adjusting your car height, installing your race tires and wheels, and adding the modifications you need for greater performance, then you don't want to skip out on corner balancing.

Also known as scaling or corner weighting, corner balancing distributes weight evenly across all wheels so your car behaves better when you take right or left turns on the racetrack. 

Breaking it down: Think of your car like a kitchen table with all four legs on the ground. Each leg equally supports the table body. If just one of those table legs is a little shorter than the others or is pressed down due to extra weight on its side, it would throw the entire table off balance. The same is true of your car and wheels.

Corner balancing adjusts diagonal weight distribution. This term refers to how much weight each tire contact patch supports when the vehicle isn't in motion. If weight isn't distributed equally at all four corners of your car, then you might benefit from corner balancing.

How is Corner Balancing Done?

For accurate service, your car must be in race ready condition. This means:

  • Fluids should be topped off
  • Car should be in alignment
  • Fuel should be at the level you'll have it while racing
  • Ride height and tire pressure should be set
  • The person racing should be seated in the car (or equivalent weight added)

Service technicians use corner balance scales to measure the left weight percentage and rear weight percentage. Your left front and right rear should weigh the same as your right front and left rear - hence the term diagonal weight. A 50/50 balance keeps cornering performance comparable whether it's a left turn or a right turn.

What if I Need to Corner Better in One Direction?

If you need to turn better in one direction vs another, you may opt for an unequal balance that favors either right or left cornering.

The addition and relocation of parts, depending on your specific racing needs, provides you with greater cornering performance.

Experience the Difference During Your Next Race

Request a corner balancing service at Georgia Tire Depot by calling (770) 973-7171 or contacting us online. We specialize in car performance services including custom exhaust service, cold air intake installation, and performance stage kits. We have the proper equipment and knowledge to help you achieve your cornering goals. Schedule your appointment today.

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